Sliding Sash

From the mid 17th century to the turn of the 20th century, most buildings in major towns and cities incorporated traditional box sliding sash windows. These look attractive but often have a poor insulation rating and are both draughty and prone to problems. 

Here at Swift Joinery we understand the importance of tradition aesthetics whilst using modern technology to get the best out of our sliding sash range. We use high quality draught seals which make the window energy efficient and cuts down on heating costs.

Our double glazed units are manufactured using energy saving ‘Warmedge' spacer bars which keep the glass panes apart and maintain the integrity of the air gap that insulates a building from heat loss. Thy hold a failure guarantee of twenty years due to manufacturing and fitting, all are Argon gas filled as standard. Krypton filled units are available upon request.

Security was a key concern with the original windows but we've now eradicated these problems to create a design which is safe and secure. It's been fully tested under SBD BS7950/644 and passed with flying colours.

We listen to you to meet your design specifications and sizes to produce a bespoke product. All our windows are hand-crafted using engineered redwood, sapele, oak or engineered red grandis sourced from sustainable forests. They are factory finished in a paint or stain of your choice which comes with a 10 or 7 year guarantee respectively.

All our windows come with accredited certification which demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing of the highest standards.