Swift Joinery Environmental Policy

Swift Joinery Manufactures Limited is committed to protecting our fragile environment around the world and as such endeavours to use environmentally friendly products. All timber is sourced from forests which are members, like ourselves, of FSC and have properly managed forests with a continuous replanting programme.

Timber is our only natural renewable product: UPVC, steel and concrete production involves the use of finite resources.

To grow a tonne of wood a tree uses 55 kilos of carbon dioxide  and gives of 40 kilos of oxygen. In one year a tree consumes 9.1 kilos of carbon dioxide which is the ammount emitted by a car on a 11500 mile journey and exhales enough oxygen to keep a family of four breathing for a year. If we use more timber then the greenhouse effect on our planet would be less.

At Swift Joinery Manufacturers Limited, we recycle 90% of our waste using a bio mass wood burner to recycle our shavings and timber waste to convert to heat to heat our workshop, all other materials are recycled where appropriate making our company responsible for the way we treat the world in which we live.